speed up your slow computer
many things can slow down your pc or laptop. i will get rid of all the useless rubbish and remove unwanted "spyware" and viruses that make your computer much slower than it should be. i will also configure your system properly for optimum performance.
repair broken screens
i will replace the screen of your smart phone, tablet or even your laptop with a genuine branded replacement screen.
reinstall operating systems
sometime our computers get so jammed up with all kinds of rubbish that the best thing to do is reset to factory settings. i will take care of this for you and backup all of your files too if you wish.
remove viruses
there are some evil viruses out there and sometimes they can find way into your computer even if you are careful. i can help wipe them out for you. i will recommend a full reset if the viruses has been left too long though.
recover lost data
if you can't access your precious photos or important documents i may be able to retrieve them for you and advise you on back up solutions to prevent it happening again
i can upgrade your current desktop or laptop. maybe you need more storage or memory? or maybe you want to upgrade your operating system or software?
setup help
if you have computer that you need a little help setting up i will be glad to help. maybe you need a small network for your business?
router and wireless setup
sometimes internet service providers send your router in the post and expect you to be IT expert! i will be happy to install and setup your router for you
general help and advice
i will gladly talk to you about any computer problems you might have and i will do my best to explain the techy stuff in plain english